Food & Atmosphere Photography for Restaurants & Hospitality

Inspire desire, create cravings and earn lifetime fans with food and atmospheric photography that does justice to the years of blood, sweat and tears you’ve sacrificed in the kitchen to live your dream.

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More and more people come into contact with restaurants and hospitality businesses through marketing materials and online than ever before. This is especially the case for millienials. What message are the images on your website sending?

Are your images dark, grainy and unclear? Does the food make you feel hungry? Did your flash only harshly light what was close to the camera and leave the rest of the room dark?

Photos are not only the first thing people connect with on websites and in print marketing, but they are also the closest approximation to the feeling of being in your establishment in person and to the sensual experience of the first bite of the food.

So, if yours is a business whose core is about the total experience of the place, having amazing establishing shots of the environment, people and food is invaluable to hooking in new leads and enticing them to come visit.

Don’t believe me? Think about it, what is it that people look for when they are deciding on a venue for an important event? They want to see what it looks like in order to evaluate if the place will make the right impression on their guests. So, in order to give off the right vibe for your restaurant (venue, catering hall or hotel/b&b), it’s important to have outstanding photographs that truly show have you have to offer – from the lighting, to the food, to the comfort, rooms, atmosphere and architecture – the things that just won’t come through in quick snapshots from your iPhone, whether they are off the cuff while cooking, after setting up the room for an event, etc. These images, when done correctly, allow prospective clients to have a deeper understanding of what you offer, and have the power to be the difference between adding you to the “To Visit” list or deleting your name from memory.

Working with CC Photo & Media is different. We understand that each client has different needs, a different story to tell and a different clientele to attract. That’s why we work with you through a process of deep understanding of your brand, goals and target audience to make images that capture what’s unique about you and in a way that your customers will appreciate.