Photo Centric Marketing Membership

Ongoing Photos via Membership

If you feel frustrated, tired and stressed about marketing your business on social media and constantly needing to come up with new content, or your business has many dynamic elements that make one-off photo shoots impractical and very expensive, our photo-centric marketing membership might be for you!

We bring strategy and beauty to your marketing efforts, and our membership provides you with high quality photography on a continual basis. That means, we are there (with our professional grade cameras and skills) when you make that amazing new special dish or when you host that product launch,open-mic or new workshop, so there’s no need to whip our your iPhone or futz around with a camera you don’t know how to use anyway. It’s easy – we are there to capture it, so you can focus on what’s important to you, while confidently knowing you’ll have strong photos that you can actually use.

Memberships are available at different levels, but each provides you with:

  • an initial consultation to get on the same page about your brand, strategy and the creative direction
  • at least one visit per month from professional photographer to capture key moments, changes, new offerings and events; frequency and duration of visits varies per membership level
  • priority service for web gallery of proof images, delivered at a rush within 48 hours of shoot (normally proof delivery is guaranteed in 2 weeks)
  • high quality and strategic, edited photos for promotions, quantities vary per member level
  • additional services, upgrades and customizations available
  • flexible and affordable payment plans, introductory tier memberships starting at $285/month

Quality vs Quantity

At CC Photo & Media, we believe in quality over quantity. Even if algorithms on social media sites reward you for high frequency of posts, we believe it’s more important to create high quality content that gets more engagement per post, rather than simply posting for the sake of posting so people learn to ignore what you put out there.

That’s why we believe that it’s better to invest in a few high quality photos/posts, with a solid strategy to them, rather than post all the time and be worried, stressed and get lost in the clutter of all the other businesses, cat photos and political outrage.

Our memberships are designed to provide you with a certain number of photos per month, to give you proprietary content that can form a stable base of content to share on a regular basis, without having to worry about deciding on something to share. It by no means has to be the only content you share, nor should it be.

Types of images

The membership can provide many different types of photos. It’s as unique as each business that signs up.

For example, restaurants might use this to promote weekly, monthly or seasonal special dishes/drinks; behind the scenes photos of cooks or bartenders; romantic or scenic images of interiors/exteriors; portraits/stories about employees; events and parties; entertainment; etc.

It’s also great for one-person businesses or fitness studios that host events, workshops or otherwise. The membership would entitle you to at least one visit to per month, so you could capture moments at yoga classes, coaching sessions, cooking classes, and more.

These memberships provide a variety of styles of images, from tabletop and food, to lifestyle/photojournalistic style and more. Generally the shoots are have more of an editorial or photojournalistic feel and lower production value than a full day advertising shoot, since we won’t generally bring any stylists or assistants.

To get an idea of the type of images, see the Lifestyle and Food/Hospitality galleries. Note, this service can also be used for corporate entities that host events regularly, such as professional associations, banks or other organizations or catering companies who need images of their work (food, centerpieces, floor-plans, etc.) from specific events.

On-location vs Studio

Memberships requiring on-location visits are available to brick and mortar businesses within a 30-mi radius of Marlboro, NY.

Memberships are available to businesses outside of this radius if photos can be done in-studio, such as product images, food or other work not involving a physical location. These memberships may be higher in production costs, as additional team members and props may be needed.

Interested in learning more?

Contact us at 845.418.2718 or by email to set up a meeting.